Saturday sound check…this ones for you.

I’ve learned you left me

And I don’t know how to leave you alone.

I’ve learned I don’t quite know how to love myself

And I am on my own.

I’ve learned you’ve left me

And aren’t ever coming home.

I’ve learned you’ll be on my mind

Where ever I go

I’ve learned I can’t talk to you now,

You’ll never be showing up to my house.

I’ve learned you left me.

And we’re both gone for good now.

It’s been awhile but I’m here

IMG_3459Standing here

thinking about me

underneath the lights of 67th street

spinning circles

under my feet

the good kind

make you feel alive.

Turning off outside

unwanted distraction

let go of what has no traction

filling head space

no trace

of you or those who gravitate too.

Left from my head

days where you’re dead

67th street.

The moments start to make sense

put me back to the place I should’ve always been.

Just a soul

growing from the toll

but you helped lead me here.

You grew me.

you knew me.

put me into a beautiful place

my own head space.

It’s been awhile, but I’m here.

I met you in September,

you left me then too.

Bittersweet you had to leave

a smile on my face.

Fall set in,

I saw you then.

Leaves changed and so did I,

have a lot to learn about you and I’s.

It’s almost been a  month since I saw you there,

time hasn’t set in.

Memories feel like yesterday.

Mountain shadows and fall leaves,

toss and turn over your thought of me.

Novembers come and I’m still figuring out what’s here,

left in me,

more of this to be.