A Reflection, the end of June

Here, 26, a lonely night on my back porch. Closing out an evening with one of my closest friends, probably the one which knows me best. A smile on my face, a mild buzz, and my furry friend which in a weird way I want to say is from my first marriage(that never happened but uhh 8 years is a long time).
It’s a humid Florida night, filled with no moon light because it hasn’t risen yet. All I can think about is how fast time passes, and how quickly we wish moments away. Let me say, in this moment I miss people. I miss my boyfriend who makes me laugh more than anyone, I miss a friend who is stuck in jail and has been for years now, I miss a friend 4 hours away trapped in the American little Havana. I miss the people and places I’ve been and experienced before. But none the less tonight is beautiful, and sharing a beer(or 4 and pizza) with a beat friend is priceless. It’s a night I’ll never get back spent in the best of wasting ways. Shooting the shit about maybe how we will have kids one day that play together(his oldest with my youngest, most likely),engagement rings, and how he will always see 2 of his best friends being perfect together until that idea happens or completely dies.
It’s a perfect night, love and life being shared between two souls that care about the other. Over nothing but beer and pizza, more nights should be this simple and wonderful.