What was your life like a year ago today? Where were you? Who were you? What direction did you think you were going in? A year never fails to seem so far away, but it can pass by in the blink of an eye. And your world can change infinitely in that one year. Thanks to the world we live in with constant photo capture, I can literally take a glance and revisit some of what this past year has been for me. 26 has quickly passed and 27 has become so close. My life is definitely in a different place, and it is one I cannot honestly say I saw coming. A year ago I was beyond comfortable. I was spending plenty of time on the beach, working an easy job, and still having home cooked meals with my parents often enough. My biggest concern, a guy, that came and went like the wind. Eventually I told him he had to let me get blown away with him or let me go. So I spent a season with him and winter. Looking back now it maybe fit together to well: cold, dark, and lacking what it needed to actually be successful. Do not get me wrong it had moments of sunshine just not enough. I let myself slip away a bit in that season. Then I went back to that comfortable place on the beach. Resumed the easy job and did the easy choices. The wind and I finally parted ways. And now it has almost been a year since 26 happened and I have been with out a home for over a month. I have seen new places and met some really wonderful people. I have visited friends and family that I had not seen in to long. And I am still letting the wind blow around in my mind even though I don’t feel it on my skin so much anymore.
But tonight as I reflect on my year past, I am sitting in Seattle, on the floor of an empty room, in a practically empty house, just Augustus (jet black German Shepard, he’s a cutie) and I hanging out. The world feels confusing and overwhelming. But it is okay. For once in probably as long as I can remember there is not a plan for what is to come. My life does not have expectations but aspirations. And I think it is the messiest but the most beautiful place I have been in a while. Here’s to a year past and what lies ahead in the year to come! 


Blame it on the Tetons

“Break clear away, once in awhile and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”
John Muir 
It is Friday night, I am in a hotel room in Missoula, Montana, but at this point the day of the week has become irrelevant. It has been just over two weeks since I left sunny Florida (which I hear these days is more like a monsoon). The mileage count for the trek has gone beyond 3,500miles. These, I suppose, are all ways to quantify the journey but honestly time is such a fickle concept. The past two weeks have been so much more than just fourteen 24hour days. I do not even know where to start explaining what this time has been to me or better said, done to me. A few days have been filled with cornfields, podcast, and jam sessions as the mile markers on the road passed by. Others have been filled with friends in a familiar place but a new season. Park City summers do seem pretty sweet. Most recently though, the Teton’s! My goodness everyone should lay eyes on those mountains at some point in their lives. They erupt from the ground with such a rugged and dramatic manner. I took one day to get up close and personal with them deciding on a 12.4mile hike with a 2,900ft elevation increase. I do not think I knew what I was in store for when I set out on the hike. Growing up in a state barely above sea level leaves you kind of clueless to adventures like that. It was entirely doable. Not to say there weren’t moments when I thought I had hiked far enough and contemplated turning around. But I didn’t. And as some of the steps became a challenge I looked around myself, slowly rising higher and getting closer to the beauty of those mountains. It reminded me of what living should feel like. You work hard, everything around you is beautiful, and you feel so alive. It served as a welcome reminder of how capable I am all by myself. And how nice it is to move at your own pace and enjoy something uninterrupted, entirely for yourself. Completing the hike made me extremely proud of myself, a feeling that has been lacking too much in my life lately.

These past two weeks have already started to change me. It has reminded me what the point of everyday truly is and that I am making the right choice for myself. I can’t wait for what the days ahead have in store but so far so good in this new chapter. The photos don’t quite do justice to the experience.