A New Lense

Not a lot of words seem to make sense today. But I got behind a lens and played around with a new toy. It is the beginning of learning something new, a science filled with light, focus and balance. The more I think about it the more I see how much my camera is comparable to life. There is that option, auto, it will do all the adjusting and take a pretty nice photo maybe even a great one from time to time. But with a little bit of learning, trial and error, the manual setting became so much more appealing to me. Yes, it takes more time and work (I cannot even begin to fathom how much more there is for me to learn). But I like the photo better.
When I bought a new camera I had no clue how much it would actually serve as a reminder and a tool towards my main goal for this next chapter, to take the driver seat in my life. You can coast on auto and get an okay result. But if you put in the work and start taking control, adjusting the settings as you learn, you can have a great result. There will be awful days, failures, it has to happen. Eventually though the reward will feel a million times better because you put in the work, and you got yourself there. The more practice you put in the more often the perfect picture will result and soon enough all those adjustments will happen naturally. It is going to be hard at the start, a struggle, and a constant battle to consciously work at it. But just know the beautiful results are just around the river bend (heck yes, that is a Pocahontas reference, sing it).
This little place in the Blue Ridge Mountains is magical. Nothing beats a deep breath in of the fresh air pumped out by the trees, and the hazy mist over the mountains as the sun rises or falls. Tomorrow I am on to Indiana (Yayay corn fields!). But today I am thankful for this cabin in the woods (it is exactly what summer should feel like) and for a new lens to see life through. Here are a few images from today’s wanderings.


The Driver Seat

One thought I cannot seem to get out of my head today is about a question I was asked yesterday at lunch with a friend, “Do you like driving?” It is a great question considering I will be doing a lot of it very soon. Florida to the Pacific Northwest is no short journey, even if you are taking a direct route, which is totally not the case for me. But the answer is to that question was, not really, I like being a passenger. I kind of hate driving honestly. I don’t know if I owe that to past boyfriends who had no problem driving all the time, or if it is because my commute to work has been 30minutes plus for quite some time now. Either way it has made me love the luxury of the passenger seat. Daydreams are a plenty, as the landscapes seem to fly past. I remember one time a good friend of mine got a solid laugh of how I said I sometimes envision lions and safari like conditions when passing along parts of I-75, which are actually filled with crab grass, palm trees and cows. Heck if you are daydreaming you might as well do it right. But on a more serious note, the more I thought about my comfort in the passenger seat I realized something I am yearning for. I want to be in the driver seat, the driver seat to my life. Figuring out what I truly want without the influence of another is something I have put at an arms length for to long. Don’t get me wrong, compromise is beautiful and necessary to life, but it is not what I need right now. A dose of selfishness in the best of ways is what my life needs right now. I firmly believe by learning to follow your own selfish desires and pursuing what best fulfills you in this world will achieve the greatest overall outcome. I think we all need this reminder from time to time. It is no easy task for myself but I am committed to doing my best to consciously work on this part of myself everyday. So goal number one for the next chapter, learn to love the driver seat.