I met you in September,

you left me then too.

Bittersweet you had to leave

a smile on my face.

Fall set in,

I saw you then.

Leaves changed and so did I,

have a lot to learn about you and I’s.

It’s almost been a ¬†month since I saw you there,

time hasn’t set in.

Memories feel like yesterday.

Mountain shadows and fall leaves,

toss and turn over your thought of me.

Novembers come and I’m still figuring out what’s here,

left in me,

more of this to be.


I do not understand what is going on. How out side forces are allowed to control us

for so long. If you allow them they can turn beauty into doubt, love into madness,

success into failure. Life run by validation needed from someone else, expectation

set by something else. We swear we want more but it is so easy to get stuck

somewhere. Caught up in a need, a need filled by others, filled by nothing of our

own. It is yours because you possess ownership of it, you. Which implies no need of

thought, input, or validation from another party. It is yours to own. Your own to



Everything starts to spin,

a world filled with distraction.

Pushing and pulling at every end,

putting thoughts in every direction.

Which way to go,

a choice only you can propose.

Everything starts to spin.

Slow it down,

close your eyes.

Don’t let it take the best of you,

place you in disguise.

Take a moment, make it stop.

It’s gonna spin whether you like it or not.